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  • Towards e-commerce

    This handbook is designed for the executive managers, managers, IT specialists, business analysts, and other interested parties engaged in the decision making or implementation process about e-commerce in their…


  • DMCS is qualified to export its following services and products to the foreign companies or international organizations interested in Albania, Region or for services in their own country: Consulting Services 1. Regional Market Research 2. Feasibility studies for regional profile e-Products 1. e-commerce design and development 2. website design and development 4. Social media programming 5. web application development 6. mobile apps

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  • Farmaciaime.com
    posted on February 25, 2014 under E-Commerce, Web & E-Commerce

    The online store farmaciaime.com is a small, relatively young company though entirely innovative thanks to its business model. Our company offers its customers a convenient way to meet their different daily needs related to well-being, beauty, and health all in one place from the comfort of their homes, their offices…

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