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DM provides specialized recruiting services for all levels of job positions, from newly-graduated candidates to specialists positions.

One of the strengths of our client-centric service is the quality of candidates we can source. Before the search begins for the right employee to fit the vacancy, research begins on the client’s own company. By assessing the culture of the host company, we are able to add a third dimension to the candidate profile enabling us to further qualify the suitability of the candidate.

We have the ability to respond to complex recruiting processes that demand discretion and determination. We expertise in the” know how” to track the required profile by any customer at any through “search” processes that are unique to the company.

Our database is updated regularly to provide the most accurate possible information on potential candidates in real time. Our recruitment network is extended on national and international scale to secure efficient on-going search process and help our clients build their talent base specific to their needs.

DMCS offers a comprehensive range of services and advice to assist employers with their recruitment and staffing needs. Our services support the entire recruitment process for the supply of permanent or temporary, staff at all levels from juniors to high level seniors.

Through the expertise of our recruiters  we can work across a broad range of industries, and can find you the right people for any traditional role as well as those requiring technical and specialist expertise.

Each recruiter is fully trained with extensive recruitment experience and a proven track record of securing high quality and skilled candidates. We have a rigid recruitment process and quality systems in place to manage the recruitment of every position and every candidate we work with.

DM carries out the recruiting process in three stages:


  • Planning – Structure, focus, identity, preparation
  • Implementation – contacts, motivation, evaluation
  • Closure – selection, offer, candidate follow up

We operate by making contact with suitable candidates by telephone on a confidential basis. Following a telephone interview we will arrange to interview in person suitable candidates with the objective of providing a shortlist for our client.

We always make sure that our procedures comply with modern standards and are applicable to local market demands.



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