Web Performance

Web Performance in Albania
The process of performance testing and improvement

At DM Consulting we consider the performance of an business critical applications as the key to success.

And following this idea,we have a specialized subdivision, namely ASEL.co (http://www.asel.co), which provides some of the market best solutions to improve the performance of your system (existing on a new one). Performance improvement is the process where the whole system performance is measured and analyzed to find the points where it can be improved. The performance of the server is its dispensability and speed to the application needs on the other side the performance improvement of the application is finding ways to improve the system by analyzing the data collected in the analyzing process.

The list of Performance services that we offer:

  • Infrastructure Performance Testing & Improvement
  • Application Performance Testing & Improvement
  • Third-party services integration for performance imporovement

Application Performance Monitoring Application Performance Measuring

  • HTTP compression
  • Content expiration
  • Script Minification
  • CSS Minification
  • Image Optimization
  • Content Expiration
  • Application Level Compression
  • Application Cache Configuration
  • Using CDN for standard content
    1. Faster site performance
    2. Mobile optimizations
    3. Web application firewall (WAF)
    4. Insight into what’s happening on your site


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