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Since, May 2009, during Amcham Job Fair, DMCS has launched the national and regional job-matching portal which enables the meeting point in between the jobseeker and employer.

As by now, it counts in its database over 52,000 jobseekers, over 2,250companies and more than 200 active jobs at any time. it is not only a job matching portal but also a very comprehensive tool of information on employment and job searching by means of career corner and blog which are updated with information on daily basis.

Hundreds of companies and thousands of employees have depended on us for many years to be a valuable community resource, to provide honest, timely feedback and to match the right candidates with the right companies.

Experience and reputation – Duapune is the leading national employment portal operating in Albania but also covering employment for Kosovo and Macedonia and has been live since 2009.

Professionals look for jobs here first – Because professionals and specialists are sure they will find what they are looking for on this portal.

Jobseekers and Employers have the same goal – Our statistics show that more than 60% of our visitors are currently employed, so anytime they will find a suitable and interesting job position, they will register and be possible candidates for the new job openings.

We are the linking bridge of jobseekers with employers

We facilitate processes for both parties by providing total support and means in order for them to get in touch. Administrating this portal means 24/7 support for the registered and visitors on our site and we are totally committed on providing the best service and advices.

Confidentiality – How do we keep so many employed candidates visiting us? First of all, they trust our confidentiality. Unlike other sites where the personal information it’s opened to all users and insecure, our employment portal makes candidates feel comfortable using Duapune as a way to explore new career options.


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