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Applied IT Trainings in Albania
Applied MIS
Applied PM

The business is becoming more efficient through the use of management information systems. Training in the design, implementation and use of these indispensable business tools can help technology-minded professionals make the leap into management position.

What skills are learned during Management Information Systems (MIS) training?

Our MIS program provides the skill set to enter any of the following general areas within the information technology arena. We have extended experience in all of these areas and success stories based on the skills  provided at our program. The course will be focus but not limited to:

  • Business analyses
  • Advanced tools and business technologies
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IT Consulting
  • IT Audit and Compliance

Applied PM Crash course is designed for the managers, project managers, team leaders, seniors professionals. In 4 (four) hours, it provides to the participants the core knowledge about the Project Management, information about PM Professional certification (PMP)  as one of the most important industry-recognized one for project managers.

Whether you’re a project manager or aspiring to be one, whether you’re currently doing project tracking or may be doing it in the future, our PM training will help in your future career.

This training will help you connect the dots between project management practices, widely-accepted business practices and your company’s business practices. You will enhance your project-related business savvy, and learn how project management is rapidly evolving from a technically-focused discipline to a business-focused discipline. Using your own laptop, you will participate in a comprehensive study of five critical analytical techniques, and cover a dozen formal MBA subject areas, learning how each relates to project management

At the end of the training the participants will be able to:

  • To identify Project management areas
  • To know about PMI framework and PMP
  • To structure and strengthen their knowledge about the PM and its use
  • To find use of several templates at their practical work
  •  To assess your organization’s “strategic project management” capability and resources

An e-commerce training from DM Consulting Services will help you increase digital knowledge and skills. Participants on this training course, will learn a practical knowledge of e-commerce and direct to consumer marketing. E-Commerce can have positive effects for all economies contributing to the mutually supportive goals of sustainable economic growth, enhancing the public welfare, and fostering social cohesion. Supporting industry economies participate in the multilateral trading system. Benefits accruing to developing economies from the rapid growth of E-Commerce will help them meet more effectively their vital development goals.

The benefits of e-commerce might not easily materialize unless organizations are ready to adjust their styles of management, infrastructure, equipment, human resource development and communication.

The course will be focus but not limited to:

  • Website and its role towards corporate branding strengthening
  • How E, M -commerce are changing how brands sell
  • How to create direct to consumer opportunities
  • Customer patterns analyses through technological tools
  • Establishment of your own online store
  • How to maximize sales and performance throughout e-commerce

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