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HR Management Information System (HRMIS) in Albania
HRMIS Services

The Human Resource Management Information System is by no means a new phenomenon – on the contrary, HRMIS technology has been around for years. Only recently, however, have people begun to realize the serious benefits such systems have to offer. Nearly every business can stand to gain something in the realm of efficiency and operational cohesion, and HR information software is designed to provide exactly those improvements.

Human Resources Management Information System ( HRMIS) – HeRa – enables the most efficient use of human knowledge, talent, skills and capabilities in order to achieve the objectives of organization.

HERA is a product of the best regional and international business practices in the human resources management area. This product has been conceived and moderated by the Consortium in between DM Consulting Services and Komptel Project Engineering based on the best HR Practices.

By implementing HRMIS/HeRa your benefits will be as per the following

• Consolidated information for all employees and departments
• Extraction of very detailed reports
• Facilitation of all processes
• Clear situation of the manpower
• Less HR staff
• Concrete analysis for different needs and so on …

HERA product life cycle development includes modules representing the path to solutions of the main requirements submitted by clients as following:

1. Organizational Structure
2. Employee Management
3. Recruitment Management
4. Payroll
5. Career
6. Training
7. Appraisal
8. Integration Management
9. Reporting.

These modules are the results of product life cycle management such as analysis, design, development / customization, implementation and testing and training.

Basing on the needs of the clients and companies, the product undergoes customized solutions and modules reformatting.


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