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Employee Assessment in Albania
Assessment Services
Benefits of the service

Assessment service is a process in which several different competencies of potential or existing employees are evaluated by several assessors using multiple techniques and tools.

This approach identifies existing competencies and skills gaps of your current and potential employees.  The results of the assessment center process can be used for employee development, promotion, assessing and selection .

What are the benefits of competency assessments?

Competency assessments are often developed as skills checklists which employees and employers can keep over time to note employees’ performance. Competency assessments present an effective means to:

  •     Identifies the employees strengths and weaknesses on regard to requested competences
  •     Provides information on employees suitability to the position
  •     Target deficits of the employees competences for the role they have
  •     Highlight skills that require additional training or practice

The Assessment services usully provide a full range of activities which lead to the final results and finding for the involved groups of employees. Common types of competency assessments we provide are:

  • Assessment Centers – It employs a variety of techniques and multiple observers in a closed setting. Based on an analysis of the skills and competencies for the job in question exercises for the candidates are selected in order to reveal information regarding the required qualities and attributes.
  • Competency-based interviews – These are effective means of screening candidates who qualify for the position they hold by targeting the specific competencies required.
  • 180° or 360° assessment –  also known as multi source assessment, is feedback that comes from members of an employee’s immediate work circle. Most often, 360-degree feedback will include direct feedback from an employee’s subordinates, peers, and supervisor(s), as well as a self-evaluation.
  • Psychometric testing – includes the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits, and educational measurement.

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