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Why E-marketing

At DM Consulting we are extensively engaged in providing e-mail marketing solutions which enable organizations to create, deliver and measure e-mail newsletters and campaigns with simplicity. Our dedicated marketing team currently manages more than 100 000 email addresses at the professional level.
Our philosophy is to plan and develop qualitative email marketing solutions in a speedy and efficient way. Our talented e-marketing team can meet the marketing requirements of any company by working closely with our valuable clients.
We focus in assisting businesses achieving their e-business objectives, so that they may build  stronger relationships with theirclients.
Moreover, DM Consulting offers email marketing consulting services to help companies develop breakthrough e-mail campaigns and refine e-mail marketing strategies.

The Internet has provided us with superb solutions on how to market a business in a cost-effective way. Electronic mail or “e-mail” is one of the most effective and widely used tools in Internet marketing. The e-mail provides a marketer with a whole new spectrum in using the Internet as a marketing medium. Millions of people around the world now rely on email technology to receive information instantly.
E-mail marketing can prove to be very beneficial for small or medium sized businesses, to say the least. Being the fastest, most scalable, measurable, and cost effective way to increase revenue, it is a good start for your e-marketing strategy. It will allow you to generate more traffic and thus gain more customers. At the same time you will keep your customers informed and loyal, all of this while saving money and gaining valuable market research.
Through a well planned e-mail marketing campaign, you will achieve high response rates from your customers and target audiences, creating opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell, and benefiting directly from the measurability of the medium (target audience & costumers).

Social Media Integration is a viable option. Now you can integrate different types of inexpensive technologies along with e-mail marketing to create a brand new social media experience. Text messaging, video emails, and RSS campaigns to name a few, are extremely useful in creating a vibrant e-marketing environment that the costumer can engage with.
There are more than 550 million users on the internet and around 90% of them send and receive emails. This makes e-mailing the number one online activity in the world, hence e-mail marketing becomes one of the most powerful marketing tools on the planet. Studies also show that people are more attentive to an email than a direct mail letter or other marketing mediums, with 3 in 5 forwarding content at least once a week.


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