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Career Counseling To Students in Albania
Career Coaching Services
Objectives and benefits

DM Consulting Services has started from 2009 providing presentations and seminars to Universities; students and academic staff. The main focus of the Seminars and Activities is a clear and oriented path to a stable and challenging career for the students.
The goal of our services is to provide assistance and guidance to students for making their career choices, academic planning and exploring future professions and placement opportunities.
We are confident on providing this service for years now basing on the very good knowledge on the labor market, on the administration of the first job portal in Albania, on the facilitation of recruitment for third parties , career counseling services for professionals and the publishing of the Career Guide booklet that our professional human resources team has prepared for the Albanian Market.

Our objectives of the offered packet are:

1. To guide the students on a positive and oriented manner on the understanding of the steps that need to be followed for a successful career .
2. To motivate them to plan and to follow the right direction in order to manage their potential and capacities.
3. To help students make appropriate and realistic career choices and career direction in line with their short or long term goals.
4. To instruct the students to prepare for job search techniques, interview and other communication skills
5. To provide to them all the necessary templates and samples for job search, application and all other steps on the process.

The Packet consists of 4 courses:

•    Workshop 1 – Information on employment tools
•    Workshop 2 – Job Interview
•    Workshop 3 – Self esteem and testing
•    Workshop 4 – Interview practice and CV preparation


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