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Career Coaching to Professional in Albania
Career Counseling

Nowadays many people do not have the opportunity to choose their careers, to set up a strategy that will lead them on maximizing their talents, potential and knowledge. Most people choose their careers based only on market demands with a traditional outlook.

Most of professionals are actually working but want more out of their careers. Whether if it’s a promotion from within the company they are working for, or an external job opportunity or it can also be an entire career change; the matter remains most of these people don’t know even where to start their change.

Our goal is to provide you with a career roadmap and career strategies for finding career satisfaction and career success.

Confidentiality is very important part of coaching service. We do not reveal the information of our clients and the whole process is build on a discreet and very tactful manner.

Your benefits:

  • Consciousness on own self skills and abilities
  • Clarity on career planning and its steps set up
  • Facilitation on communication and searching
  • Deeper knowledge of the labor market and companies
  • Smooth transformation and adaption

With more than 9 years experience on the market and HR Consultancy, we have recognized that our market it’s maturing to benefit from the career packets, which includes:

1. Student / Undergraduate
2. Career Development Progress
3. Career Change/Transformation
4.  Executive Package

We also offer customized packets on professionals demand and necessities.

For more information please click on the below table with information for each packet.


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