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Business Processes in Albania

Business Process Analysis

DM Consulting Services is the only company in the Albanian market to perform Business Processes Analysis (BPA), by supporting the client company to improve and/or re-enginner its business processes in order to increase profitability.

BPA represents an operation composed of processes designed to add value by transforming inputs into useful outputs.

The first step to improving a process is to analyze it, in order to understand the activities, their relationships, and the values of relevant metrics.
Process analysis generally involves the following steps:

Define the process boundaries that mark the entry points of the process inputs and the exit points of the process outputs.
Construct a process flow diagram that illustrates the

various process activities and their interrelationships.
Determine the capacity of each step in the

Identify the bottleneck, that is, the step having the lowest capacity.
Evaluate further limitations in order to quantify the impact of the bottleneck.
Use the analysis to make operating decisions and to improve the process.


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