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Road to Entrepreneurship

Inspired by the long time work experience in the country where dreams become real – USA and with the support of the US Embassy in Albania, Mr. Dritan Mezini CEO of DM Consulting Services has taken a very interesting voluntary initiative, as one of the most important initiatives and encouraging the self-employment and entrepreneurship market for the Albanian youth and for anyone who has the desire and innovative ideas to take initiatives for today and tomorrow.

The purpose of this initiative is to encourage Albanian youth how to develop toward self-employment based on skills that everyone has, material and financial possibilities, in the expression of ideas and planning for the realization of these ideas from everyone who plans to become an entrepreneur.

The project has already begun and continues till February by traveling and training participants of main cities in Albania. The trips continue every Saturday on different cities and up to now there are organized in Durres, Vlore and finalizing the 2014 year with Korca city. On beginning of January 2015 there will take place seven more trips and meetings on different cities, finalizing with Tirana in the beginning of February 2015.

The activities are held based on a predefined agenda where besides the speakers who present and share with all participants their experiences in certain areas, there was held discussion and questions among audience and speakers. The participants have shown interest joining in constructive and fruitful discussions where have appeared the first sparks of young people encouragement.

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