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Employment Index 2009 – 2014

Number 1 edition of “Employment Index 2009 – 2014” represents the first professional edition, based on all the registered, stored and processed on the portal’s database by its HR experts. We would like to inform you, that the results of the indicators are only based on the information collected by this data.

DMCS Services

DMCS’ IT products and services are guided by its philosophy of “one-stop” shop composed of the following categories: web, e-commerce, mobile, SEO, various IT services.   Our services and solutions are tailored to the specific needs of our clients and partners, and they remain always cost effective comprehensive IT solutions and based on the most…read more

Udhëzuesi i karrierës suaj

“Udhëzuesi i karrierës suaj” lindi si nevojë e kërkuar në tregun tonë të dijes dhe punës. Shumë njerëz me status të ndryshëm si studentë apo punonjës në sektorë dhe fusha të ndryshme të tregut të punës dhe dijes kanë nevojë për informacione të shpejta dhe efikase.

Towards e-commerce

This handbook is designed for the executive managers, managers, IT specialists, business analysts, and other interested parties engaged in the decision making or implementation process about e-commerce in their…

Whitepaper: e-commerce in Garment and Footwear Industry in Albania

The footwear and garment industry represents the second largest category of Albanian exports, with more than 650 companies and 35,000 employees.(AICT) Manufacturing of shoes and their parts is one of the fastest developing Albanian industries with an annual average increase of 13%. In addition to a geographical advantage, Albania benefits from a series of free trade agreements, including with the EU, which allow unhindered access to regional markets.