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Partners for Financial Stability

A prerequisite to sustainable economic growth and job creation is a stable financial sector that offers a broad array of financing and investment instruments. As USAID’s flagship regional program for financial sector development in Southeast Europe and Eurasia, the Partners for Financial Stability (PFS) program supports the beneficiary countries (see box) through regional activities designed to enhance financialstability.

The PFS program is not a typical ‘technical assistance’ program. One of the development lessons learned over the past decade is that E&E countries can learn from the experience, both positive and negative, of their neighbors. PFS supports financial sector development by bringing together regional players from Partner and Mentor Countries to address regional challenges, promote the adoption and implementation of international best practices, and to share experience and lessons learned. All PFS activities are coordinated with the individual USAID missions in a manner that complements the missions’ Economic Growth programs.

PFS Program Objetives

Promote financial integration of beneficiary countries into the regional and global economy and increase their capacity to mitigate or prevent financial crises;
Harmonize policies and practices across the region with international financial sector standards;
Strengthen the institutional capacity of financial sector stakeholders to effectively implement international standards and best practices.