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  • Type: Private
  • Client: Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth
  • Team:

    Dritan Mezini – ICT expert / Project manager
    Ervin Cfarku – ICT expert
    Elvis Cirko – ICT expert/outsource partner
    Silvin Laze – ICT expert
    Suela Kapllani – Business Analyst

  • Start Date: March 2016
  • End Date: January 2017

The Government of Albania has signed an agreement, with the World Bank, on the Social Assistance Modernization Project (SAMP) which supports Albania’s implementation reforms to improve the equity and efficiency of its social assistance programs.  The project also promotes the cross-cutting principle of transparency to support these objectives.

The Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth (MoSWY) has started to design the reform of the disability assistance program. The objective of this reform is to modernize the disability criteria to fit into the broader context of social model that Albania is moving towards by revising assessment criteria to include functional and medical assessment, business procedures and institutional arrangements.

The DA MIS, including the Electronic Register of NE beneficiaries will be first implemented in two pilot areas (to be decided by MSWY), and during the second stage, will expand further in all the territory of the Republic of Albania. The design of the system architecture shall enable the addition of additional modules including the National Electronic Register for Disabled Persons and connection of this platform with the Treasury Bills System during a subsequent stage of system implementation.

The DA MIS will improve the effectiveness of Social State Services through:

  • Identification of disabled persons.
  • Improvement of assessment of disable applicants.
  • Avoiding abuse cases of the Disability Assistance scheme.
  • Improvement of the delivery of program services to beneficiaries.

The scope of the project was to perform the IV&V services on the DA MIS software development project. DMCS:

DMCS ensured that the resulting DA MIS will deliver the required system architecture and functionality to comply fully with the operational and administrative processes established under the Albanian Law applicable to the management and delivery of social services for the Disability Assistance program.