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Raiffeisen Bank
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Human Resources Information System for Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo consist of following Modules:

• Human Resources,
• Payroll
• Training Management
• Job Performance Evaluation
• HR budgeting
• Recruitment online
• Reporting System
• Individual web-access on personal employee data
• HR documents and templates repository
• Administrative Management
• Security
• Warranty and Maintenance
• Help module
• Interconnection with other company business units
The Human Resources (HR) module allows the performance of tracking and monitoring on the main HRhttp:// activities, such as: General Employee information, New hire processing , Job or position assignment , Employee status, Training and development , Education/Certification, Competency/Skills, Leaves management, Family Tree, Emergency medical contacts , Employee history , Salary, Contract tracking, Disabilities, etc
Automatic Payroll system connected with the HR Module, Internal and External Powerful Reporting system, Automation of data insertion. The information for extra payments for each employee comes from the departments on a predefined template form.

Training Module enables management of the data related to: Training courses, Trainers list, Course Tracking, Course Participants status, Course Evaluation, Training organization, Training syllabus, Reporting , Training history, Automatic connection with the personal data of the employee, etc,

Job Performance Evaluation Module enables users to Maintain Category list (internee, probation, employee), Fill out the main groups based on the job performance evaluation template, Collect and analyze the employee notes/complaints/suggestions according to the importance level, Report the results.

Recruitment Module/job Availability management (online/offline)