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  • Year: January 2010 - August 2010
  • Client: Ministry of Innovation and Public Administration - (MIPA)
  • Consortium: IkubInfo Software Solutions
  • Supported by: World Bank

The project funded by World Bank aimed to revive the HRMIS system for Department of Public Administration (DoPA). The consortium composed of IkubInfo Software Solutions and DM Consulting was awarded with the contract.

The main activities of the project involved:

1. Assessment and analysis of the current status of HRMIS at DoPA.
2. Recommendation for solution and the selection of the most suitable one in order to make the HRMIS active, useful and effective for DoPA.
3. Preparation of Technical Specifications for the selected recommended solution
4. Assessment of interoperability options with the Payroll and Treasury, its analysis and the preparation of the technical and managerial specifications that will be integrated with HRMIS
5. Preparation of the legislative impact and a business implementation plan.