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  • Type: Private
  • Client: CEFTA Secretariat
  • Address: Rue Joseph II, 12-16, B-1000, Brussels Central European countries member of CEFTA
  • Team:

    Project manager
    Dritan Mezini
    Silvin Laze

  • Duration: 3- 4 months
  • Start Date: October/2012
  • End Date: December/2012
  • Associated Consultants: Sabina Shyti
  • Months of Professional Staff: 1

Feasibility Study on CEFTA Information Enhancement towards transparency by using TAREC-search like engine.
The project systematically assesses the feedback of the users, in order to guarantee a user-friendly information provision and a well-visited website. A request of the business community, received via survey conducted in the CEFTA region, relates to the potential upgrading of the Portal with a TARIC-like search engine. The potential upgrade will add new functionalities to the Portal making life easier for the business community.

Our staff has performed an evaluation of the proposed tool in order to judge its feasibility, cost required and value to be attained.
In particular, the assignment includes the following tasks:
* Develop a technical assessment of the technical capabilities of the proposed tool and its requirements.
* Find out whether current technical resources can be upgraded or added to in a manner that fulfills the technical requirements previously assessed.
* Develop an assessment of resources – type and amount of resources required.
* Develop an estimation of initial costs as well as costs for maintenance/updating.
* Develop and provide recommendations for the tool development and resources needed to support build-out of the proposed tool.