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  • Type: Private
  • Client: CEFTA Secretariat
  • Team:

    Silvin Laze – Project Manager
    Ervin Cfarku – Programmer
    Roland Deda – Full Stack Web Developer
    Egirin Gega – Web Developer
    Irisi Laska – Programmer
    Suela kapllani – Business Analyst
    Deni Duka – Programmer
    Eva Maka – Web Developer/Content Editor
    Lindita Begolli – Content Editor

  • Start Date: September 2016
  • End Date: ongoing

CEFTA Roster and Member Area

CEFTA Member Area

The purpose of the “member area” is to facilitate the distribution of confidential information – namely draft documents relating to CEFTA meetings and/or initiatives.  It will also provide an efficient on-line method of registering participants for the regular meetings of CEFTA structures.

Member Area is intended to be used mainly as a way to circulate draft documents relating to meetings of CEFTA structures, it is suggested that it maintains the look of the calendar of events so that users can use the calendar click on those events (past or future) that are of interest to them.

CEFTA Expert Roster (database)

Given that the CEFTA Secretariat has a key role to play in securing and managing technical assistance assignments to support the implementation of the CEFT work programme, the development of a comprehensive database of relevant experts would facilitate the identification and procurement of suitable expertise in line with the relevant procurement guidelines.

It is recommended that a specific project be launched to provide the CEFTA Secretariat with a functioning database of experts in the necessary technical fields that can be used to identify and recruit the relevant short-term experts and facilitate the necessary management and administration of their assignments.

The design and installation of a user-friendly database will greatly support the Secretariat’s ability to identify and mobile suitable expertise in a timely and transparent manner.  The main function of the database is to store and filter the details, qualifications and expertise of short-term consultants in line with the agreed criteria.

The database is flexible and allow for searches across a number of filters.  It also allows for the easy addition of new experts. CEFTA Roster provides the basis for a Management Information System (MIS) that allows the Secretariat to manage the contracting and financial aspects of those consultants selected for assignments.