• Type: Private
  • Client: Albanian School of Public Administration
  • Address: Albania
  • Team:

    Silvin Laze – Project Manager
    Dritan Mezini – Quality Assurance
    Deni Duka- Full Stack Web Developer
    Irisi Laska- Full Stack Web Developer
    Roland Deda – Designer
    Suela kapllani – Business Analyst

  • Start Date: December 2016
  • End Date: ongoing

As part of its contribution in institutional support and capacity building of local government, DLDP has conceptualized the development of the digital knowledge management platform [E-library] dedicated to local government practitioners and administration for their continuous education and career purposes.  This project aims to help ASPA in building a unique information source to LGUs with a catalogued database of all training know-how.

E-library platform will be the only one platform for the management of training documents and curricula of Albanian School of Public Administration. This platform enables the ASPA team to provide trainings set of curricula to all the employees of local government.

The e-Library is a special library, part of management information system, which is focused in collection of books, presentations, articles, training materials and store them in electronic format along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library collection.

This system provides a management of the quality assurance for all training providers and offers to ASPA the possibility to start planning a qualitative and consistent training programme for local administration, building a network of interested training providers that will fulfil quality standards, developing a Quality Management System (QMS) for continues education of civil servants in local level.

ASPA Features

  1. Training Management

All curricula will represent a “warehouse” of materials to be used by another application e-learning in the future. Any training curriculum will consist of documents that can be opened, read and consulted but cannot be downloaded. Favourite formats will be classic formats that do not allow discharge.

  1. User Management

Users belonging to the following categories:

  • Visitors – will be able to view only in the public part of the application
  • Registered users
  • The administrator who will manage all activities related to site
  • Local users will be able to use the training materials
  • Experts who will enable to verify and certify the training materials before these materials become active in the system.
  1. Reporting and Statistics

The application enables the creation of rich statistical reports for different categories of users, organized in the reporting profile page (number of documents uploaded in the system, size, most consulted documents, the number of registered, number of active users).

This project funded by: Decentralization and Local Development Program (DLDP)