Launch of Fulbright Alumni website

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  • Start Date: February 14 2014 12:00 am

On February 14th, DMCS launched the Albanian Fulbright Alumni Association (AFAA) website. The website aims to bring together the USA Exchange program alumni, strengthen the network and disseminate the information among its members.

The Albanian Fulbright Alumni Association (AFAA) supports and promotes the Fulbright Program of international educational and cultural exchange.

AFAA aims to strengthen academic, professional, and human contacts among Albanian and US institutions and individuals;to contribute to individual development, solidarity among members, and public prestige and understanding of the Fulbright, Humphrey, and Ron Brown Programs; to create a forum for sharing ideas and experiences in diverse fields, thus playing a significant role in programs and projects which would contribute to national democratic development.

Currently, Mr. Dritan Mezini, Administrator of DMCS, is carrying out his duties as President of AFAA, and Board Member of USA Exchange Program Umbrella Association.