e-commerce Promotion in Durres

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E commerce promotion in Durres
  • Start Date: January 27 2014 12:00 am
  • Organizers: DMCS
  • Event Address:

    Hotel Arvi, Durres Albania

The round table’s aims were focused to familiarization and the promotion of e-commerce to the participants and the importance of e-commerce implementation and benefits.
The participants were part of the business and educational community in Durres, including chamber of commerce, professional associations, individual calls, Rritje Albania network, and so on.
The whole activity promoted e-commerce and e-commerce knowledge in order to build up the capacity of participants and to ensure that they are ready to move further into the e-commerce process.
By the end of the workshop, and based on the training materials and handbook, the participants were able to:

Understand the role of the e-commerce
Become aware of the process
Appreciate and understand the importance of e-commerce to their future business growth