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Duapune.com already on your mobile

Duapune com already on your mobile

Duapune.com the portal that for so long time has helped all for finding a job easily and in quick time, today it comes more easily than before “duapune.com on Android” , you need only to have mobile phone and you can very simple download it. Now you can visit duapune.com whenever and wherever you are, so you can be informed for the vacant positions and apply for them immediately directly from your mobile.

Duapune.com for mobile version represents an added value to the most visited portal for job and career“duapune.com”, which is active since 2009.

“duapune.com on Android” provides:

• Search general, keywords, city, job category, company name.
• Homepage of a vacant position.
• List of job vacancies.
• List of job categories.
• The company’s registered.

Duapune.com for Android application is free and is not required to register to use it. You can download and use this version wherever you are.