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CEED Marketing and Sales

Ceed Marketing and Sales

During December 2013 and January 2014, CEED Albania has organized and successfully finalized, the CEED Marketing and Sales training program.

CEED Marketing & Sales is an exclusive program designed for high potential entrepreneurs and managers, who among other responsibilities in their company are responsible for marketing and sales activities.

The training included an exchange of experience, workshops and best practices in six (6) daily workshops.

The lectors / consultants / experts that have conducted the program were:

– Marketing modules conducted by:

  • Prof. Dr. Ilia Kristo (Marketing Department – Faculty of Economy, Tirana University)
  • Ass. Prof. Adela Llatja (Marketing Department – Faculty of Economy, Tirana University)
  • Mr. Andi Kumi (Export Manager – DAST and DELTA Company)

– Sales modules conducted by:

  • Mr. Genti Kaci (Training Director – AGNA Group)
  • Mr. Dritan Mezini (Founder and General Administrator at DM Consulting)

The participants that enjoyed the program were:

Erald Facja (Design by Pana), Merita Tanushi (Design by Pana), Barsela Hysa (Employment for Life), Karola Shehu (Employment for Life), Etleva Bazi (IKUB.AL), Mariglen Garxenaj (IKUB.AL), Erida Sina (IKUB.AL), Iralda Mitro (IKUB.AL), Emi Canaj (IMPRESS), Sokol Thanati (IMPRESS).

During the meetings the participants were involved in an intensive, interactive and above all, practical program conducted by consultant / expert and guest speakers, and all that with the use of examples and practical exercises relevant for the environment where they are performing. The methodology of the exchange of experiences among participants was used as well. Through this program the participants has gain useful knowledge, tools and methods to more effectively apply marketing and sales into their daily operations in order to improve the operations of the company.

At the end of the program, CEED Albania distributed the certificates to the participants and organized a cocktail where all the business representatives participated. During this part of the event, meetings were informal and discussions included both business and non business related topics.

The event was assessed with points from 1 to 5 where 1 is “very poor” and 5 is “very good.” The overall score from the evaluations of the participants was 4.46/5.

Source: http://ceed-albania.org/ceed-marketing-and-sales/