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E-learning platform

This  system is based on Moodle platform and consists in providing online training. Such systems enable effective electronic training, giving participants opportunities for interactive education. Online trainings are conducted over the Internet and typically do not have meetings in a designated physical space.Training materials are available online at a dedicated website. The course is completely self-directed (you interact directly…read more

E-library platform

The e-Library is a special library, part of management information system, which is focused in collection of books, presentations, articles, training materials and store them in electronic format along with means for organizing, storing, and retrieving the files and media contained in the library collection. This system provides a management of the quality assurance for…read more

Online Job Matching Portal

DM Consulting Services launched the employment portal Ver 1.0 in May 2009, during the Amcham Job Fair. The portal aims to provide matching in between job seekers and employers. On March 2012, DMCS launched 2.0 with full of new features. Mainly, the portal addresses the qualified, professional and career development professionals. As of March…read more

Real Estate Management System

Real Estate Management System (REMS) is an online real estate software application that manages the overall operational activities and processes, starting from the management of the property, to the management of real estate agencies, agents, clients and financial transactions. It provides comprehensive reports for managing the Real Estate agency performance and efficiency, and enables the…read more