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About Us
Vision, Mission and Values
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DM Consulting Services (DMCS), as a Business Support Organization(BSO), was established in 2005 to provide clients with top-quality, innovative, reliable, cost effective, and time-saving business and IT solutions.


Our main areas of expertise consist of the following pillars:


1. ITO – IT Outsourcing services
2. IT Consulting Services
3. IT Sourcing
4. IT Intelligence

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to establish ourselves as one of the regional leading company with a positive impact in our areas of expertise.


At DMCS we are committed to delivering long-term support and success for our clients. Other than just working together, we build their practical capabilities and management skills at every level and every opportunity. We build better communication and support, get to real issues and understanding, and reach practical and effective solutions. We enable the clients to fully participate in the process and manage the work.


We believe our success depends on clients’ success and is driven by the following strong values:


In return of our sincere trust we expect trust.


We provide to the client the best service we can, in terms of quality, care and added-value services. We aim to establish partnership with them for a business sustainability and mutual growth.

Transparency and Integrity

We build transparent communication among the parties, and we provide the truth about the matters. We believe transparency and integrity provide longevity and generate positive energy.


We are committed to providing high professionalism and expertise supported by a client-centric and solution-oriented team of professionals.

  • ISO 9001
  • CMMI
  • IT Mark