Whitepaper: e-commerce in Garment and Footwear Industry in Albania

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Whitepaper: e-commerce in Garment and Footwear Industry in Albania

The footwear and garment industry represents the second largest category of Albanian exports, with more than 650 companies and 35,000 employees.(AICT) Manufacturing of shoes and their parts is one of the fastest developing Albanian industries with an annual average increase of 13%. In addition to a geographical advantage, Albania benefits from a series of free trade agreements, including with the EU, which allow unhindered access to regional markets. With a skillful and experienced workforce, Albania is able to meet high quality European standards and has become one of the top 10 leather and footwear exporters to Italy and successfully expanding its market share into other European countries. (AIDA)

Basing on the market potential and following the international market trends, adoption of e-commerce is considered as one of most profitable strategies to strengthen and expand the competitive potential and reach out the international market.

While in Albania, e-commerce is at its initial stage of development. Its introduction, implementation and promotion to this industry will provide a great visibility tool and business solution to the companies generating sales, increase export, provide sustainability and improve employment opportunities.

We attempt to identify the factors and their impact to the process of adopting e-commerce in Albanian garment sectors and assessing companies’ readiness toward e-services. The objective is to understand the e-commerce adoption behavior and the factors that could drive or inhibit the use of e-commerce in the Albanian garment industry.

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